David Hamilton, LMBT

Restoring Equilibrium, Supporting Resilience

Integrative Massage

Integrative massage utilizes a blend of techniques and approaches to meet your needs.  I utilize a variety of approaches, including Myofascial Therapy, Swedish Massage and Joint Mobilization Techniques.

Myofascial Massage 

A technique that utilizes varying degrees of pressure, depth and specificity to reduce pain and promote structural balance in the body.   I provide coaching around posture and movement patterns to support the changes made through the hands-on work.  This work involves getting on and off the table throughout the session to make observations and assessments of changes taking place in the body. For women, you can wear athletic shorts and a camisol or sports bra.  Men can wear athletic shorts.

Swedish Massage

A relaxing soft tissue massage that is great for increasing circulation, range of motion and reducing stress.

Joint Mobilizations

Passive, active, and active-resisted stretching to assist with functional mobility and flexibility.

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