David Hamilton, LMBT

Restoring Equilibrium, Supporting Resilience


The best way for me to reach new clients is by word of mouth.  The highest compliment you can give me is to refer someone who you feel could benefit from my work.
"I met David at the Aquaponics Workshop sponsored by the Abundance Foundation. I had a terrible case of acute plantar fasciitis for which there were few treatment options.  So David set out to research some the underlying causes, and after each session (involving muscle and fascial treatments to the foot and the muscle compartments of the lower leg) I would leave walking better and better.  Several sessions with David and with his recommendations for home exercises, I can walk and run again.  I sent my husband to David when he twisted his back doing heavy lifting. One series of stretches and his pain markedly diminished and was gone 24 hrs later. His usual course would have been a week of misery and the use of pain meds and muscle relaxants. So, for acute muscular/ligamentous ailments, especially overuse or misuse, I think David has the right knowledge, sensitivity, and skills to make a real difference."
Pittsboro NC

"David is an amazing massage and bodywork therapist. I had a session at a very vulnerable time of my life, as my body is getting ready to go through a miscarriage. I am a survivor of both physical and emotional trauma. David was very skillful in determining the modalities that would be most helpful and healing for me. He made me feel really safe, supported and empowered to listen to the messages my body sends me to help enhance my wellbeing. He helped me explore sensations and feelings throughout my body. I came out of the sessions feeling more relaxed, present in my body, having moved through some emotions and released tension from my body. I plan on going back to continue this profound healing work.”—K.P.

"David is both an exceptionally talented massage therapist and a warm, caring, sensitive human being. He creates a space that is welcoming and open, and also highly professional. During my sessions with him, I have been able to relax and be present in a way that I rarely experience, even during massages I have received from others. David is receptive and quickly adaptive to my feedback, and provides a wonderful balance of restorative and invigorating touch. He brings a presence to his work that is reflected both in his awareness of how to best work with my body and in the comfortable atmosphere of his office. I leave sessions with David feeling blissful, empowered, and utterly relaxed. David provides not only bodywork, but also concern for my entire state of being. Though I am on a tight budget, my time with David has value for me that far exceeds its price. I have no hesitation in recommending David as fair, honest, open, generous, and skillful in his work."
Liz Alexy
Carrboro NC
"Through my sessions with David it has become quite clear to me that he is not only gifted as a massage therapist, he  was born to do it. I've known David for years and seeing him answer the call to do this work has been incredibly beautiful and has helped me in countless ways. The care, intentionality, and awareness that David brings to his practice is unparalleled. I feel completely and totally safe in his hands."
Kaitlin June
Carrboro NC

"David is a natural healer, my husband and I have had services at his studio, which is very relaxing, and in our home. He is very professional and cares deeply for the well being of each person he works with. His collaborative efforts to read into your needs and perform a service with your guidance makes each session a memorable experience. You will always feel comfortable with David and know after each session that you have done something very special for yourself."
Marcia Walker
Pittsboro NC


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